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We are a family-owned company with the mission to bring awareness and an alternative solution to the crisis that contaminated water and plastic waste poses. Not only affecting our environment but also every living creature on this planet.

We want to share the benefits for more than three (3) decades we have enjoyed. Alternatives that can keep our communities, oceans, and the planet healthier, so we all could enjoy a better quality of life.

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Nelson Castro
Managing Member

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Hydrologik mission is to bring awareness to the importance of the consumption of pure water to optimize our health to have a better quality of life. Here is what Dr. Paul Bragg says!!! ======================================= "The greatest damage is done to the small arteries and other blood vessels of the brain (75% water) by inorganic minerals (hard water)—plus waxy cholesterol and salt. Hardening of the arteries and calcification of blood vessels starts on the day you start taking inorganic chemicals (and minerals from tap water) into your bodies.” “When distilled water enters the body, it leaves no residue of any kind. It is free of salts and sodium. It is the ultimate water for the healthy functioning of the kidneys(83% water). It is the perfect liquid for the blood(83% water), the ideal liquid for the efficient functioning of the lungs(86% water), stomach, liver(85% water), and other vital organs. Why? Because it is free of all inorganic minerals. It is so pure that all liquid drug prescriptions get formulated with distilled water. Dr. Paul Bragg, N.D. Ph.T., from his book: “The Shocking Truth About Water” / ***************/ *************** Here is what Dr. Charles Mayo says!!! ======================================== “Water hardness (inorganic minerals in solution) is the underlying cause of many, if not all, of the diseases resulting from poisons in the intestinal tract. These hard inorganic minerals pass from the intestinal walls and get into the lymphatic system. Then delivers all of its products to the blood and then distributed them to all parts of the body. Causing much of human disease.” —Dr. Charles Mayo of the Mayo

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To proudly have our products represented in every home, community, government agency, public & private schools, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, gyms, and any other sector where we all can enjoy the benefits of pure water.

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The Sun heats the earth and evaporates the water. Leaving behind the contamination. Clouds formed, which is hot vapor pure water. Then cool winds in the upper atmosphere cool them creating condensation, and then precipitation; (rain) back into the earth. Unfortunately, we can not drink rainwater because once it leaves the clouds, it gets back contaminated with all the pollution in the air. Our process mimics nature. Making FRESH PURE WATER drop by drop without chemicals, filters, or any complicated methodology. Just pure H2o. Like making your bread from scratch, made fresh at home every day. Amazing!!!

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